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Illustrated Guide to Carving Tree Bark

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Illustrated Guide to Carving Tree Bark

by Rick Jensen & Jack A Williams

In midevil times peasants believed that spirits dwelled deep in the trees. If they carved a face into the wood , the spirit would be released and good luck would come upon the carver. Rick Jensen and Jack Williams help you release the inner spirit from the tree bark which releases something beautiful to inspire direct and create something new and original.  . This Book has a step-by-step project of a whimsical house, but because each piece of bark is different, this is not the type of instruction that will allow you to duplicate what the author has done. There is a gallery of finished projects that will help to illustrate what can be carved from bark and then step-by-step photos to illustrate techniques used in this project that you can apply to your project. 

  Some of the contents in this book:

  • Whimsical House.
  • Gallery of stunning Bark Carvings.
  • Explanation about Cottonwood Bark.
  • Basic Bark carving.
  • Carving Tree bark in the round.
  • Finishing Bark Carving.
  • Patterns.
  • Sources for Cottonwood Bark.

Illustrated Guide To Carving Tree Bark Book Specifications:

  • Softcover.
  • 74 Pages.
  • Color Photos. 
  • Authors, Rick Jensen, & Jack A. Williams.
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