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Italian Poplar 1/8" x 8" x 10"

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1.00 LBS


Beautiful, Tight-Grained Poplar Plywood Imported From Italy For Your Pyrography Pleasure! This  Poplar is perfect for those special woodworking projects!

Poplar is a pale whitish light brown color that can run to light green and even a little purple.  Poplar is a paint-grade lumber that can be used in a number of areas from building toys to drawers and furniture. trim and carving. Poplar lumber is fairly lightweight, easy to work with, and easy to finish.

 Italian Poplar 8" X 10"  Specifications:

  • 5 Pieces are included.
  • 1/8" Thickness.
  • 8" wide.
  • 10" long.

Our 1/8" or 3mm thick plywood is made with a construction of three inner plies that are crossed and layered, providing stability and resistance to warping and delamination. Poplar wood is used in the inner plies, contributing to the plywood's strength and light weight.

This makes it perfect for indoor projects of all sizes, from DIY home decor to large displays and signage. Thanks to its low weight and easy workability, our plywood is also a great option for transportation and temporary installations.

And as an added bonus, our plywood is FSC certified meaning it was sourced using sustainable forestry practices. In short, our plywood offers the perfect blend of stability, durability, and eco-friendliness for all of your Woodburning needs.

Finishing Italian Poplar

Italian Poplar is a beautiful, clear-white grained wood. It sands well and takes finish coats with ease, making it an ideal choice for a wide variety of projects. With its soft, yet durable texture, Italian Poplar is perfect for furniture, cabinets, trim, and more.

With its smooth, even surface, Italian Poplar Plywood is perfect for a variety of indoor projects. Build beautiful harps, clocks, scroll sawn signs, and more with ease. You can even burn a design on the wood or paint your perfect scene. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced woodworker, Italian Poplar Plywood is a great choice for your next project.

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