Jo Sonya Artist Colors

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Jo Sonya Artist Color Paint

Jo Sonya paints are acrylics that offer the opacity of colour and the beautiful matte finish associated with a traditional gouache.  These acrylics have a great finish, are water resistant and won't chip or crack when they are cured.  The Jo sonya paints are fast drying and can easily be cleaned up with soap and water. Jo Sonya paints have been designed for people who demand the finest quality pigments, but are concerned about the longevity of their work.  The applications for Jo Sonya paints are only limited by your imagination. 

Use Jo Sonya paint on whirligigs, toys, clocks, canvas, airbrushing, carvings, for water color techniques and more.  You'll be amazed at the quality of Jo Sonya paints.

 Each tube of Jo Sonya paint is 2 1/2 oz.