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Josh Guge Renegade Airbrush Set w/ Compressor

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Josh Guge Renegade Airbrush Set w/ Compressor

Preferred by World Champion Josh Guge. The Renegade airbrush series is designed for use in extremely detailed and tight applications. The Velocity is a gravity feed airbrush that allows the artist the most precise paint tip and needle angle (linear air flow).

Badger's Aspire Series compressors require no lubrication, offering maintenance-free use for all airbrush applications. Durable and "Pro"ficient, the 1/5 HP Aspire Pro is ideal for high-frequency usage. In addition to the features, it includes a 1 gallon (3 liter) air storage tank and auto shut-off. 

 Josh Guge Renegade Airbrush Set w/ Compressor Contains:

  • Aspire Pro Air Compressor.
  • Precision Air Control.
  • Renegade Velocity Airbrush.
  • 6' Braided Air Hose.
  • Drainable Moisture Trap.
  • 5 Badger Airbrush Paints.
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