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Kolrosing with Judy Ritger DVD

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  • The front cover of the dvd case for the Kolrosing with Judy Ritgers Reviving a Lost Art DVD.
  • The back of the Kolrosing with Judy Ritgers DVD.
  • The dvd case, dvd with a kolrosing design on it and a set of nine Kolrosing patterns in the background.
  • A photo of Judy Ritgers distinguished woodcarver and Rosemaling expert.
  • The dvd case open with a copy of the kolrosing patterns behind it.
  • A finished Kolrosing Design by Judy Ritgers
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Kolrosing - Reviving a lost art with Judy Ritger DVD will have you using the Kolrosing technique in no time.

Kolrosing derived from Scandinavia.  It is the art form of creating fine line carved designs and decorations in wood.  

Judy Ritger will teach you the process of Kolrosing including:

  • Design Principles.
  • Drawing your Design.
  • Transferring Patterns.
  • Carving the Design.
  • Decorating a Spoon.
  • Sanding and Oiling your Kolrosing Project.
  • Working in your lap.
  • Tools and Materials needed.

In the Kolrosing DVD, Judy will also share design sources and a gallery of some of the finest Kolrosing porjects you'll ever see.  The DVD is 90 minutes long. Nine carving patterns are included.

Judy Ritger has trained in Norway with the master carver and painter Rognvald Froysadal.  She is a recipient of the prestigious Vesterheim Gold Medal Awards for woodcarving and Rosemaling.  She has also taught classes throughout the United States. 

Bring this dvd of Kolrosing with Judy Ritger, Riviving a Lost Art home and learn this beautiful art of carving.  Combine it with your other carving techniques to make a treasured heirloom.

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