Led moon Lights

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LED Moon Lights

Light up your next project with a string of moon lights.  These led bright white lights will showcase everything well!  

The LED Moonlights are on a silver plated copper wire that is 4 1/2 feet long and comes with a battery pack that holds 2 CR2032 batteries.  The batteries are also included.  With the small battery case, it makes the case easy to hide and only highlight the items you'd like to see shine.  The LED moon lights have an on/off switch.  The batteries last for about 20 hours or 7-8 hours if you are submersing the lights. (The battery pack is not submersible).  The LED moon lights are rated at 25,000 hours.

With the ease and flexibility that the LED moon lights have, you'll find them to be a perfect accent for your project.