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Lid Supports

These self balancing Lid Supports are a safe addition to a wide variety of different projects. These lid supports are recommended by the Consumer Product Safety Commission for children's toy boxes. They are made of bronze-colored steel and allows the lid to be left in any position without the danger of falling. Our lid supports come in seven different weight loads and come as a left side or a right side. You will need to specify what weight and side (left or right) lid support you will need. To determine this, you will multiply half the distance (in inches) from the front of the lid by the weight of the lid (in pounds). For example, if the measurement is 16" and the weight is 10 lbs.: 8" x 10 lbs. = 80. So you will need a #6 lid support to support 80 lbs. Then you would decide if you would like a left side lid support or a right side lid support or both.

Lid Supports Weight Chart

  • #1 (20-35 lbs.) Left or Right.
  • #2 (35-40 lbs.) Left or Right.
  • #3 (40-45 lbs.) Left or Right.
  • #4 (45-55 lbs.) Left or Right.
  • #5 (55-65 lbs.) Left or Right. 
  • #6 (65-95 lbs.) Left or Right.
  • #7 (95-125 lbs.) Left or Right.