Luger Clock Parts Kit

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Luger Clock Hardware Kit

The Luger is a sleek and stylish clock that is sure to add to any room's decor! It's features expanded metal sides, brass dial and pendulum movement. This clock will make a terrific woodworking project. The Luger Clock Hardware Kit will simplify making the Luger Clock.  Start with a copy of the plan that is sold separately, select the wood of your choice.  We recommend using pine. Use the Luger Clock Hardware Kit to help you finish the project.

The Luger Clock Hardware Kit includes:

  • Square Brass Arabic Dial.
  • Compact Quartz Pendulum Movement.
  • Adjustable Pend Rod.
  • Bob.
  • Hands.
  • Colonial Spindles.
  • Expanded Metal.
  • Brass Pltd Escutcheon Pins. 
The Plan for the Luger Clock is sold seperalty.