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Lurecraft- How to Make Plugs, Spinners, Jigs to Catch More Fish

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To catch a fish with a lure that you made yourself is one of the most satisfying experiences an angler can have. This book explains, with detailed instructions and hundreds of superb illustrations, how to craft fishing lures that are more effective than those you buy. By making your own lures you'll beat the high cost of tackle, while developing a creative and satisfying hobby that requires just a few tools and easily obtained materials. Lurecraft shows how to design lures for local waters, so they're better suited to regional conditions and catch more fish. The author explains the science of fish attraction-why lures appeal to fish-and covers tools, materials, and basic techniques for working with wood, metal, wire, and paint. You'll learn to build plugs, surface lures and poppers, spinners, spoons and buzzers, jigs, trout lures, steelhead and salmon lures, and lures for big water fishing. This classic book, newly updated for the twenty-first century fisherman, includes an illuminating step-by-step guide to carving, painting and finishing lures, along with a colorful photo gallery of hand-carved lures based on the author's designs.

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