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Magnetic Train Parts Kit

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Have you ever dreamed of having your own personal magnetic train? Now you can, with the new magnetic train parts kit!

With the magnetic train parts kit, you can have your very own personal magnetic train up and running in no time!

So don't wait any longer, order your kit today!

About the Magnetic Train Hardware Kit

The Magnetic Train hardware kit is the perfect way to get started on your very own magnetic toy train.

This complete set includes all of the necessary wood toy parts, along with powerful magnets that can be used to attach the train cars together.

The woodworking plan will walk you through every step of the build process, so you'll be up and running in no time. The Magnetic Train woodworking plan is not included with the kit but is sold separately.

You'll also need some lumber to complete the rest of the pieces of the train. You'll have to make the cars, drill holes and assemble each car.

Best of all, the entire project can be completed in an afternoon, making it a great weekend project for the whole family. So what are you waiting for?

Pick up a Magnetic Train hardware kit today and start building your very own toy train!

The Magnetic Train Hardware Kit Includes:

  • Three 3/8" x 11/16" Axle Pegs.
  • Four little people child wood parts.
  • A small wooden smokestack 1 5/8" high.
  • A 1 5/8" tall wooden oil drum.
  • Twenty Wood Wheels that are 7/8" round and 7/32" thick.
  • Thirty-two round head nails.
  • Twenty Ceramic Magnets with a hole in the center.
  • Two small screw eyes.
  • Nine flat head nails.
  • Two 3/4" x 1 1/8" dowels or about 2 1/2" of 3/4" dowel.
  • A 1/4" dowel that is 1 1/4" long.

Features of the Magnetic Train Hardware Kit

The Magnetic Train hardware kit is the perfect way to get started on your very own wooden train set. The kit includes all of the hard-to-make wood pieces, so you can focus on building your tracks and trains.

The kit includes these items for the engine. The wooden drum that acts as the engine itself, the smokestack on the engine, an engineer to run the train, the wheels, axles, and hub caps, the connector magnet, and a flat connect nail.

The Cargo car will get started off right with its own wooden wheels, and round head nails which make up the hub caps and axles. There is a magnet for each end of the car along with flat head nails to connect the car to other cars.

The crane car is a really unique car for you to make. You'll get the wheels, hub caps, and axles (two for each side of the car). The connector magnets and flat nails to attach the cars together are also in the kit. Once you build the crane, we even provide a little wooden people operator. 

The crane cargo car will be ready to get unloaded once you use the wood toy hardware we've included. A load of material on this car is made with the dowels that we include, you'll need to cut and assemble them. Add to the top of them a magnet and flat nail assembly and the crane will be able to pick them up like a charm. The wheels, axles, and hubs are ready to install and we can't forget the magnetic connector assemblies for each end of the car.

The passenger car caboose rounds out this wooden toy train set. The special wood parts included for the caboose are the little wooden people sitting in the caboose, a peg for the top of the caboose, and the wooden wheels. You'll also get the hub caps and axles to move the caboose along and the magnets and flat head nails to create a connector on the end of the caboose to attach it to your other train cars.

What you'll need to make the Wooden Toy Train Kits a Success

This is one of the easier wooden toy kits to build but you can't do it without some other items. These items are not included in the kit. Make sure you have:

  1. The Magnetic Train Plan shows you how to build each car and gives you full-size patterns on what to drill, cut, and where. Make sure to order one, because the hardware kit does not include one.
  2. Lumber! You'll still need a little lumber to make the bases of each car, the cab to the engine, the whole caboose, and things like the cradles on the crane cargo car and the arm of the crane and cab of the crane too. You'll need some 1/2" material for the cargo cradle, 3/4" material for the cars and 1 1/4" material for the cabs.  You can glue some of the 3/4" and 1/2" together to make your own 1 1/4" stock.  
  3. Wood Toy Oil. You'll need to put a finish on your train. What better way than to use non-toxic wood toy oil which will give it a deep luster and be environmentally friendly.
  4. Basic knowledge of woodworking along with basic woodworking tools, like a saw, drill, sander, hammer, and a ruler or a tape measure.
  5. Woodshop Supplies. You'll need the basics like glue, sandpaper, some toy oil, and rags.

Wooden Toy Train Kits can be a teaching tool

The Magnetic Train Hardware Kit is a great way to teach your child about magnetism and physics.

There is more to building a wooden toy train kit than just following the instructions.

Not only will your child learn valuable fine motor skills, but they will also gain an understanding of basic engineering principles.

As they work to assemble the various pieces of the kit, they will develop an understanding of how to create stable structures.

They will also learn how to problem-solve, as they figure out how to connect the different parts of the train.

In addition, building a wooden toy train can be a great bonding experience for you and your child.

As you work together to complete the project, you'll have a chance to teach them patience, perseverance, and attention to detail.

Ultimately, building a wooden toy train kit is a great way to enhance your child's learning and provide them with a fun and rewarding experience.


The magnetic train is a great first train for the little engineer. Cars are connected by magnet so hooking and unhooking is a snap!

The working crane and loaded passenger car will keep them entertained for hours. Build the magnetic train for a gift or just because.

The Magnetic Train Hardware Kit will simplify making the Magnetic Train Toy. 

Start with a copy of the plan that is sold separately, select the wood of your choice. 

We recommend using Pine, Maple or Oak. Use the Magnetic Train Hardware Kit to help you finish the project. 

For the Love of Toy Trains

For anyone who loves both woodworking and trains, there's nothing quite like building a wooden toy train kit.

The finished product is not only a beautiful piece of art, but it's also a functioning model train. It's the perfect way to combine two of your favorite hobbies into one project.

Building a wooden toy train kit is a challenging but rewarding process. There are a lot of small pieces to assemble, but it's immensely satisfying to see the finished product come together.

Watching the paint dry can be frustrating, but it's worth it when you see the final product in all its glory. Plus, there's something magical about playing with a toy that you built yourself.

It's a great way to spend an afternoon, and you'll have a new toy to cherish for years to come.



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