Majestic Spires Clock Plan

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Majestic Spires Scroll Saw Clock Pattern

The Majestic Spires delicate clock design is based upon 12th century European cathedrals with flying buttresses. 

It measures approximately 17 inches W x 19 inches H x 10 inches D.

The Majestic Spires comes on "D" size paper 24" x 36" and is a full size scroll saw plan.  Simply copy or trace each of the patterns on your wood and start scroll sawing.


Suggested components: 2560 chime or 2501 movement, 3631 dial and 8903 hands.

Out of Plywood: 6 pieces of 16" x 24"  1/4 inch thick material (make stacked floors of solid rectangular pieces)

Out of Hardwood: (All 1/4 inch thick by 24 inches long) -4 boards 4 inches wide -2 boards 6 inches wide -1 board  8 inches wide -1 board 10 inches wide (Note- cut stacked floors of approximately 2 inch wide stripes a glue up accordingly. This makes "false" floors that look solid throughout.)