Make Your Own Knife Handles

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Make Your Own Knife Handles

Make Your Own Knife Handles covers the techniques involved to create a customized knife that you will cherish forever.  Create a knife that fits in your hand with comfort. Chris Gleason introduces you with unique techniques and instructions. You'll learn which wood  to choose, prepeing the blade, and how to attach the blade to the knife handle. There is also a special section on sharpening techniques.


Make Your Own Knife Handles Contains Instructions to create:

  • Kitchen Knives:
    • Chef's Knife.
    • Damascus Steel Chefs Knife.
    • Slicing Knife.
    • Paring Knife.
    • Alaskan Ulu.
  • Hunting Knives:
    • Drop Point Knife.
    • Drop Point Hunters Knife.
    • Semi-Skinner Knife.
    • Mini Hunter Knife.
  • Folding Knives: 
    • Pocket Knife.
    • small Custom Knife.
  • Special Projects:
    • Camp Hatchet.
    • Desk Knife.
    • Bottle Opener.
  • Blade Making:
  • Make a Knife From Scratch.

Make Your Own Knife Handles Specifications:

  • Softcover.
  • 168 Pages.
  • Author: Chris Gleason.