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Making Toys that Teach

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Making Toys that Teach 

All parents want toys that nurture and develop the creativity and learning ability that children naturally possess. These toys are not just fun for kids, but they also teach basic motor skills, color matching, organizing by size and shape, and problem-solving. These toys will have your little ones interested for hours! In the book Making Toys That Teach there are 9 different toys, each toy has a material list, what tools are needed, step-by-step instructions, and plans. This book makes toy-making easy for anyone. These toys will be treasured for generations to come. 

Making Toys that Teach includes 9 different toys:

  • Fraction Circles.
  • Pattern Blocks.
  • Big Beads.
  • Bead Board.
  • Attribute Dominoes.
  • Shape Puzzle Box.
  • Stacking Pyramid.
  • The Ultimate Building Block Set.
  • Puzzle Train.


A little about each toy:

  1. Fraction Circles: This toy is a way to introduce your child to fractions. It shows your child the different size fraction pieces which provide opportunities for ordering fractions, exploring equality and inequality of fractions, and studying the common denominators.
  2. Pattern Blocks: These blocks are intended for children from preschool to about grade 8. When using these block your children will begin to see how common geometric shapes and angles fit together. The smaller pieces may present a choking hazard, so very young children should not use them. 
  3. Big Beads: These big beads are designed for children around the age of two but could be used through age eight, depending on the child. These beads present lots of opportunities for young children to improve their fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination. 
  4. Bead Board: The bead board is designed for children around the age of two but could be used through age eight, depending on the child. Each bead has a unique home based on color and shape, so children learn to compare and match both the colors and the shapes. 
  5. Attribute Dominoes: These dominoes are intended for children ages 2 and up, there is no real age limit. They help children develop recognition and understanding of the attributes of shape, color, and size. 
  6. Shape Puzzle Box: This puzzle box is suitable for toddlers because it helps develop gross and fine motor skills through the placement of the puzzle pieces. 
  7. Stacking Pyramid: This pyramid is ideal for young children from about 1-3 years old. They learn to differentiate between the size of the blocks. 
  8. The Ultimate Building Block Set: This set will put your child's mind to the test. It covers classification, sorting, fractions, decimals, adding and subtracting, and problem-solving. 
  9. Puzzle Train: This train encourages creativity through open-ended play, as well as introducing math-based concepts. 
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