Mini Grandfather Clock Plan

Wildwood Designs
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0.30 LBS

Destined to become a precious heirloom.  Stands 28 inches tall.

Suggested components: 2559 chime or 2504 movement, 3611 or 3610 dial, 8901 hands.

Out of Plywood: -1 pack of 1/4 inch

 Out of Hardwood: (All 1/4 inch x 24" long) -2  4 inch wide boards -2  6in wide boards -1  10in  wide board (only 2 small sections require wider than 6 inch. If you can glue up wood, we would recommend to cancel 10in board and substitute 2 of 6in boards.) Need to glue on one 7  1/8in x 1/4in strip and one 5in x 3in strip to one of the boards.