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Mountain Quail Top Knot

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  • A Mountain Quail Top Knot.
  • The back of a pewter Mountain Quail Top knot.
  • A pewter mountain quail top knot.


Mountain Quail Top Knot 

Cast pewter top knot for Mountain Quail.  The Mountain Quail top knot isn't curved , it's straight. It looks like and exclamation point. The mountain quail is the largest of it's species found in the U.S. It's unique two straight feathers that arch over the back. Mountain Quail Top Knot has two straight feathers that arch over the back of the bird. The Mountain Quail only weighs 5-10 ounces and is 6-12" long.

Mountain Quail Top Knot Specifications:

  • Pewter.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Almost 4" long.
  • 1/4" wide tapering down.
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