Mushroom Plug 3/8" Birch

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Mushroom Plug 3/8" Birch

Mushroom Plugs are a great way to plug screw holes.

The mushroom plugs can make a piece look very attractive and decorative without a lot of work.

Simply pre-drill your screw holes, assemble the project and glue the plug in the hole.

It's definitely a great way to cover up those screws.

Pre-drill your holes perfectly with a our countersink bit set.

Mushroom Plug 3/8" Birch Part Dimensions:

  • Fits a 3/8" diameter hole
  • Overall diameter 1/2"
  • 3/8" Tenon Diameter
  • 1/8" Tenon Length
  • Package of 50
  • Solid Birch Plugs


Make your next project especially unique by adding a Mushroom Plug 3/8" Birch!