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Name Train Parts Kit

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  • Finished Name Train with the letters JACOB, and the caboose using the Name Train Toy Woodworking Plan

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Name Train Hardware Kit

Our Name Train is a fun way for any boy or girl to learn how to spell their name! The Name Train Hardware Kit will simplify making the Name Train Toy.

 Start with a copy of the plan that is sold separately, and select the wood of your choice.  We recommend using Pine, Maple or Oak. Use the Name Train Hardware Kit to help you finish the project. 

The Name Train Hardware Kit Includes

  • Smokestacks.
  • Multi Use Pegs.
  • Thick Wheels.
  • Mushroom Plugs.
  • Round Head Nails.
  • Ceramic Magnets.

A Name Train Toy Plan is sold separately. You will need to provide your own lumber.
Each name train parts kit includes the hardware for the engine and caboose.
Hardware Kits for each of the letter cars can be added separately or bought items in bulk.
To make each letter car for the name train, you'll need four of the #2 axle pegs and four of the #11 wheels along with 2 of the #430 magnets and #410 nails.
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