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North American Wildlife Patterns for the Scroll Saw

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North American Wildlife Patterns for the Scroll Saw artist/author Lora S. Irish presents 61 precisely drawn outline patterns for scrollers. Carefully inked lines making each pattern easy to follow. Scrollers may choose to photocopy or scan copies of the patterns to keep their book intact or use the patterns directly from the book. Ms. Irish includes patterns for each commonly known species of North American wildlife. Bears, wolves, deer, eagles and ducks all come to life under the scroller's blade. Lora also includes brief cutting instructions to aid beginning scrollers. The instructions include information on what blades to choose, what wood to use and how to make inside and outside cuts. Safety precautions are also outlined. Scroll saw patterns can be cut as is to make scroll saw fretwork plaques. Turning the table left or right will allow the pattern to be cut in relief, giving the final work a compressed, three-dimensional look. This book is for the Intermediate level scrollers may choose to incorporate the patterns in jewelry boxes, cabinet doors and more.

North American Wildlife Patterns for the Scroll Saw:

  • Smokey -  Black Bear.
  • Warning Signs - Grizzly Bear.
  • The Long Walk - Black Bear.
  • Evergreen Trail - Grizzly Bear next to a pine tree.
  • Timber - Beaver with a chewed tree.
  • King of the Mountain - Bobcat standing on rocks.
  • Up A Tree - Bobcat in Tree.
  • Prairie King - Buffalo standing in a field.
  • Still Waters - Canadian Goose floating with reflection in the water.
  • Autumn Flight - Canadian Goose taking off/flying.
  • Bucking the System - Whitetail Deer  Buck Jumping.
  • Stylized Buck - Whitetail Deer shoulder mount.
  • Pine Tree Path - Whitetail Deer standing next to evergreen trees.
  • Ready for Splash Down - Mallard Duck flying/landing.
  • Nesting Teal - Green-wing Teal Duck.
  • Redhead Roost - Redhead Duck roosting.
  • Stylized Drake - Pintail Duck.
  • Rising Star - Wood Duck taking off.
  • Mean and Lean - American Bald Eagle Head.
  • Florida Flash - Flamingo standing.
  • On the Prowl - Red Fox  in the Forest.
  • Gentle Ripples - Goose Resting on water.
  • Blue Plumes - Blue Heron standing.
  • Blazed Portrait - Mustang Horse Head.
  • Derby Sprint - Horse running.
  • Glacier Lake - Bull Moose standing in the lake.
  • Northern Exposure - Bull Moose walking.
  • Royal Crown - Bull Moose Head.
  • Night Silhouette - Owl Perching.
  • Giving a hoot - Horned Owl on a branch.
  • Old Salty - Pelican sitting on a stump.
  • Texas Terror - Eastern Rattlesnake.
  • Country Splendor - Ring Necked Pheasant flying over fence.
  • Corn Stalk Cover - Ring Necked Pheasant crouching.
  • Burst Into Flight - Ring Neck Pheasant taking off.
  • Puff and Snuff - Prairie Chicken.
  • Outpost - Prairie Dog standing.
  • Gold and white Royalty - Pronghorn.
  • Moonlight Stalk - Mountain Lion stalking.
  • High Mountain Monarch - Mountain Lion head.
  • Up, Up, and Away - Bobwhite quail on a tree branch.
  • California Gold - California Quail.
  • Cottontail Express - Eastern Cottontail Rabbit hoping.
  • Rocky Refuge - Big Horn Sheep on rocks in the forest.
  • Big Horn Portrait - Big Horn Sheep Head.
  • Narrow Ledge - Mountain Goat.
  • Dinner Preparations - Raccoons.
  • Peek-A -Boo - Raccoon peaking out of stump.
  • Toxic Fumes - Skunk tail up.
  • Saying Grace - Gray Squirrel.
  • Reflections of the Heart - Trumpter Swan.
  • Twists and Turns - Tern standing.
  • Ruffled Display - Turkey standing.
  • Fence Line Flight - Turkey flying/taking off.
  • Garden Patrol - Box Turtle.
  • Howling at the Moon - Wolf howling.
  • Hidden Den - Timber Wolf in the forest.
  • Snow Ghost - Timber Wolf Head.

North American Wildlife Patterns for the Scroll Saw Specifications:

  • Softcover.
  • 67 Pages.
  • Author - Lora Irish. 


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