NSK Emax Evolution Standard Lever Micromotor Kit

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NSK Emax Evolution Standard Lever Micromotor Kit

An NSK will evolve your woodworking skills with the most advanced technology on the market today.  The NSK Emax Evolution is an ultra precision brushless micro carving unit.  The standard lever micromotor kit by Nakanishi includes a control unit, the hand-piece motor, a lever type handpiece attachment and of course a power cord to make it all run.


NSK Advanced Design Control Unit Features:evolution-controller.jpg

  • Digital Display with Evolution Speed control and a flash load indicator.
  • Run two motors from the control unit.  Select the A or B switch to run either motor. You are not able to run both at the same time.
  • A foot switch can be added, simply plug into the back of the unit.  There is an auto cruise function which eliminates foot fatigue during operation.
  • Selection forward or reverse direction on your hand-piece with a push of a button.
  • A Hand-piece holder is ready for your hand-piece to rest in.
  • 120v standard power cord attaches in the back.  
  • Weighs 5 lbs 1.13 oz.
  • User friendly design to pack up and go.


NSK Standard Motor 410 Features:nsk-ev410-motor.jpg

  • 1,000-40,000 rpm.
  • High performance brushless motor.
  • Super quiet and smooth from low to high speeds.
  • Finishing touches are a breeze with minimal rpm variation even with load changes.
  • Nakanishi Smart Switch.  A blue switch on the back of the motor by the cord to turn it on and off without reaching the the controller.
  • 4.5 ft cord that plugs into either the A or B plug on the controller.
  • 3 7/8" long and just under an inch in diameter.
  • Includes pin wrench.
  • Simply screw your hand-piece attachment.  NSK has 17 different attachments in all.


NSK Lever Type Hand-piece Attachment Features:A side view with dimensions of the lever type hand-piece attachment.

  • Weighing in at 2.19 oz.
  • 2 3/8" long x about 5/8" no counting the lever.
  • A perfect design to cut, grind and do delicate finish work.
  • Screw on to the hand-piece motor to start using this hand-piece.
  • Simple change of burrs by flicking the lever to lock or unlock. Great for arthritic hands.
  • A wrench is not required to exchange collets.
  • Wrenches are included.
  • An 1/8" collet and a 3/32" collet is included.  
  • Maximum of 40,000 rpm (Please check burr manufacturers rating for safe speed operation.)

The NSK Emax Evolution Standard Lever Micromotor kit is ready to use for precise carving grinding and engraving but offers so much more than other micromotors.  Easily add another hand-piece motor and hand-pice attachment.  Or grab extra hand-piece attachments to accomplish other jobs with your same micromotor.  Extra collet sizes are available along with speed reducers that are recommended for certain attachments.

The NSK Standard lever micromotor kit is a complete carving kit that will help you do some of the best work in your life.