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NSK Presto II Air Turbine

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  • The NSK Presto II Air Turbine Kit with instructions, the presto handpiece, foot pedal, hoses, wrenches and accessories.
  • Everything that is included in the NSK  Presto II Kit.
  • The Presto II regulator front side.
  • The Presto II right side with handpiece holder and outgoing air hose attachment.
  • The left side of the NSK Presto II.
  • The back of a NSK Presto II.
  • Everything that is included with the NSK Presto II including instructions.
  • The NSK Presto Handpiece with air hose, cradle, wrenches and tools.
  • NSK America NSK Presto II Air Turbine handpiece with dimensions.
  • The Nsk Presto II with foot pedal, regulator, handpiece, tubes and tools.
  • Looking down on everything that is included with the NSK Presto.
  • NSK America NSK Presto II Air Turbine with foot pedal and control regulator.
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NSK Presto II Air Turbine

The NSK Presto II is operated by air.  Simply connect to your air compressor and start creating some of the most intricate pieces of art you have ever dreamed of.  The Presto II does not require lubrication making it perfect for a variety of applications. With the NSK Presto II Air Turbine you can carve eggs , engrave on glass, carve in beeswax, engrave on metal, work in ceramics, work on carving that favorite gunstock and so much more!  

NSK Presto II Air Turbine Specifications:

  •  Rotating Speed of 320,000 rpm max.
  •  Working air pressure of 35psi.
  •  Requires 1.41CFM from your air compressor.
  •  Weight is 2.5 oz without the hose.
  •  Use 1/16" burrs.

What's included with the NSK Presto II standard set?

  1. Presto Handpiece featuring a one of a kind dust protection mechanism from Nakanishi. The chip mechanism that blows away the dust to improve cutting efficiency and reduces the heat on the head to extend the burr life.  Non-lubricating, sealed unit for ultra precision.  About 4 1/4" long  with a 5/8" diameter.
  2. Presto II airline kit which features an easy to read regulator, a hand-piece holder and a 6' hose.  Simply connect your air compressor to the regulator.
  3. Foot Control.
  4. Hand-piece holder that attaches on the regulator.


Put those intricate details in your pieces that you couldn't achieve before with a NSK Presto II Air Turbine by Nakanishi.

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