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NSK America

NSK Torque Collet 6mm

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NSK America's 6mm collet is a great source of power and precision when used with an NSK torque type attachment.

This collet can securely hold 6mm burrs to provide a firm grip which ultimately guarantees the accuracy and safety of your work. It is highly efficient and has the capacity to withstand high levels of vibration and force, making it reliable for your machining needs.

NSK America’s 6mm collet gives you bragging rights as its top-notch quality will make sure that every cut is precise and thorough. Get your hands on a NSK American 6mm Collet today to level up your shop game!

Handpieces the NSK Collet will fit:

  • This collet will work on the HG-200 Torque Type Attachment for the Emax Evolution and Rotus.
  • The collet can be used on an NSK ATC spindle type NR-301.
  • You can use this collet on the the EHG-400 NSK Espert Torque Attachment.

NSK America's excellent NSK CHG-6.0 collet is an essential tool for NSK torque type attachments, helping to ensure optimal performance. Used in combination with NSK's high torque motor and speed reducer, the NSK CHG-6.0 collet fits perfectly for NSK EMax Evolution series and NSK Espert series motors.

Make sure your setup is using this advanced technology too, because only then will you unlock the full potential of your NSK America product.



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