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Oasis Portable Dust Collector

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23.00 LBS
  • The Oasis Portable Dust collector with the included adjustable dust shields.
  • Front and side look at the Oasis Portable Dust collector showing the filter in the front and the variable speed control on the side.
  • The Oasis dust collector looking straight at the front with the filter and handle to carry it.
  • The three fans in the back of the dust collector with an opposite side view showing the sturdy frame.
  • Looking down onto the oasis dust collector with handle on top and filter in front with black cabinet.
  • The back of the Oasis dust collector with the fans showing.


Do you have a workshop at home where you like to work on your woodcarving projects?

This is the perfect machine for you! It's small and lightweight so it's easy to move around, and it has three fans that can be adjusted to suit your needs. Plus, the dust collector doors adjust to funnel the dust directly into the collector, so you don't have to worry about any messes.

The Dust Collector is a self-contained, portable unit that is designed to capture dust generated by power tools and other equipment. The features include three fan variable speeds, a filter, and two grounded 110V outlets. The unit also has a carrying handle for easy portability and is equipped with clear plastic doors with an adjustable hood to help keep the dust contained. This is definitely an ideal way to capture dust generated by power tools and other equipment in your shop or garage.

Oasis Portable Dust Collector Features

  • Portable Air Cleaner/ Dust Collector
  • 3 Fans With Variable Speed
  • This dust collector filters 6 Square feet with the main filter
  • The filter specs are 40° @ 1 micron
  • The voltage is 110V
  • The maximum airflow through the collector is 720 CFM
  • Running Amps are 1.29 @ 110V
  • Carrying Handle

 You'll love how quiet this machine is - you can even use it in your living room without disturbing anyone! And with variable speed adjustment, you can tailor the machine to fit your specific needs. 

Oasis Portable Dust Collector Specifications

  • It is a powerful and portable machine that is designed to filter Dust out of the air.
  • This Dust Collector has a Main Filter area of 6 square feet and can Filter out 40% of Dust @ 1 micron.
  • It also has a Nominal Voltage of 110 and a Max Airflow of 720 CFM.
  • It is 10 inches tall and has a collector Footprint of 23" x 8".
  • The Dust Collector is made with steel Impellers and has a Debris Collection Type of Filter. 
  • You will receive one replaceable filter with this unit.

Purchase yours today and start enjoying all the benefits!

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