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Olson Flex Back Band Saw Blade 115" x 1/4"

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  • This is a view of the Olson Band Saw blade that has been taken out of the original package and uncoiled.
  • You are looking at the Olson 115 inch band saw blade wrapped around the Flex Back logo.
  • This is a chart supplied from Olson Band Saw Blades with the Radius in inches and the blade width.


The Olson Flex Back Band Saw Blade 115 x 1/4  6 Skip go through a special heat treatment process that produces a blade with an extremely hard cutting edge and a spring tempered back for increased tensile strength.

Olson's Flex Back Band Saw blades have a hard teeth with a softer flex back for cutting hard or soft wood, composition, plywood, mild steel and non-ferrous metal. The Skip tooth has wide spaced teeth, and 0° rake angle to prevent clogging when cutting your material.

The Olson Flex Back Band Saw Blade 115 x 1/4  6 Skip is a heavy duty, durable commercial grade band saw blades used in industrial woodworking for the professional craftsman.

What Band Saw's can you use the Olson Flex Back Band Saw Blade 115" x 1/4" on? 

  • Laguna Band Saw and other Band Saws.

Olson Flex Back Band Saw Blade 115" x 1/4" Specifications:

  • Length: 115".
  • Width: 0.25".
  • TPI: 6.
  • Thick: 0.025
  • Tooth: Skip.
  • Made in the USA.
  • .014 gauge steel.
  • Tooth Rockwell Hardness of 62-63.
  • Back Rockwell Hardness of 28-32.
  • Commercial Grade.
  • Premium Band Saw Blade.
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