Olson MVP Band Saw Blades

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Olson MVP Band Saw Blades

The Olson MVP Band Saw Blades are the best of the best professional series band saw blades. These Olson MVP band saw blades have Cobalt / Molybdenum High with a speed steel edge, and tempered back. The Olson MVP blades feature performance and longevity lasting 10x longer then the carbon blades. Use for contour cutting and resewing exotic wood, hard and soft wood, plastic steel, and non ferrous metals. These MVP blades are made with high speed teeth and a special alloy back to provide superior performance and longevity. Olson MVP blades even cut through nail embedded wood. The durable and shock resistant teeth , provides truer, straighter cuts for the toughest cutting projects . The tooth has a hardness of RC 66-68 and Back hardness of 47-51 RC. Make your projects less stressful when you blast through wood with these Professional series Band Saw Blades.

Olson MVP Band Saw Blades Specifications:

  • Tooth Hardness Rockwell 66-68.
  • Back Hardness Rockwell 47-51.
  • Professional Series Band Saw Blade.
  • Cuts through nail embedded wood.
  • Lasts longer than carbon blades.
  • Excellent Premium Saw Blade.
  • Bi-Metal.
  • Made in the USA.