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Optivisor Light

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 Optivisor Light

The Optivisor Light is a unique lightweight battery operated light that illuminates  a magnified viewing area. It clips on so easily to the visor of most headband binocular magnifiers. The light pivots to adjust up or down to ensure the light is on the work area. You'll love this hands free light that helps you see those details you couldn't see before. Just place two batteries in the battery pack and simply clip the battery pack on one side and the light on top. Twist the light clockwise to turn on and counter clockwise to turn off. There's a push button in the clip to remove the top of the battery pack.  If there's never enough light in your workshop then try this  Optivisor Light.

Optivisor Light Specifications;

  • Xenon Laserbeam.
  • Hands Free Light.
  • 5-6 Hour Battery Life.
  • 6000 Candle Power.
  • Extended Battery Pack Mounting.
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