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Outdoor Paint Techniques & Faux Finishes

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Outdoor Paint Techniques and Faux Finishes is the perfect guide for anyone looking to add a touch of color and life to their outdoor surroundings. It features a wide variety of techniques that can be used on five different surfaces, allowing for a large amount of creativity and personalization. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced decorator, this book has something for everyone.

Outdoor Paint Techniques & Faux Finishes contains everything you need to know about adding beautiful decorative finishes to enhance the appearance of your home. The authors cover a wide variety of paint effects, including stucco, faux tiles, frescos, lime washing, verdigris, moss effects, and more. They introduce new decorative finishes that can withstand the forces of nature as effectively as traditional exterior paints, with advice on surface preparation, color usage and matching, surface-building techniques, and protective coatings.

Inside You'll Find

  • Plaster Finishes - Surface preparation, Lime Wash, Layered Color Washing, Antiquing and Distressing, Pigmented and Faux Plaster, and Decorative Patterns on Walls
  • Cement Floors - Surface Preparation, Stencil Mosaics and Borders, Painted Tiles and Borders
  • Wood Finishes - Surface Preparation, Flat Paint, Bleaching or Liming, Distressing Wood
  • Faux Metal Finishes - Surface Preparation, Metal Leaf, Verdigris, Rust, Lead
  • Stone Finishes - Surface Preparation Rough Granite, Marble, Antiqued And Weathered Cement, Stone Blocking, Moss, and Lichen

This is a guide to dealing with the design aspects of outdoor living space including information on surfaces, lighting, suggesting openings and protecting materials; tips on building walkways, decks, and patios.

With just a few simple paint techniques, you can transform any space into a personal statement. Whether you want to add a pop of color or create an elegant finish, paint is a versatile and affordable option. In this book, authors Marina Niven and Louise Henning show you how to use paint to create beautiful effects on walls, floors, and woodwork. With their inspiring examples and step-by-step instructions, you'll be creating your own one-of-a-kind spaces in no time!

Outdoor Paint Techniques & Faux Finishes is a softcover 159-page book by authors Marina Niven and Louise Hennings.

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