Pegas Precision Bearing Guides

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Pegas Precision Scroll Band Saw Bearing Guides

The Pegas guiding system is used in the Pegas Scroll Band Saw. Using specific bearings will result in the ultimate accuracy and performance from your saw.  Your machine comes with a set of top and bottom guides which are machined aluminum blocks and a special ball bearing guide.  The ball bearing guide features grooves that guide the blade precisely at and below the cutting surface. The result is a high performing saw that can cut very tight curves and radiuses and saw complex shapes.

Your Pegas Scroll Band Saw is delivered with a Universal bearing that will accommodate the #9 and #12 blades.  There are two grooves, one for each size of blade.  To set your Pegas Scroll Band Saw up to perform at its best with other blade sizes the bearings can be purchased for those size of blades.

Pegas Scroll Band Saw Bearing Guide Sizes:

  • #5. Handles the No. 5 Scroll Band Saw Blades.
  • #7. Handles the No. 7 Scroll Band Saw Blades.
  • #9. Handles the No. 9 Scroll Band Saw Blades.
  • #11 Handles both the No. 11 & No. 12 Scroll Band Saw Blades.
  • #14. Handles the No. 14 Scroll Band Saw Blades.


Take your band saw experience to new levels with the Pegas Scroll Band Saw Precision Bearing Guides.