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Pheasant Study Bill

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0.16 LBS
  • The side view of a Pheasant Study Bill.
  • Looking at the front of a Pheasant Study Bill.
  • Pheasant Study Bill
  • The top and the bottom of the 2 piece Pheasant Study Bill.
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Pheasant Study Bill are an extremely important part of your carving. The pewter will not split or crack like the others.

The Pheasant size ranges from 15-19 inches long, and weighing 1.6 ounces - 2 lbs. 

When carving the Pheasant Study Bill, it's helpful to have reference photos of the bird while setting the bill. 

To set and attach the Pheasant Study Billl simply apply a small amount of Apoxie Sculpt or Fixit Sculpt to bond the bill to the head.

Pheasant Study Bill Specifications:

  • Made from pewter.
  • The top piece is 1.5" x 1.00".
  • The bottom piece is 1.33" x 1.00".
  • Made in the USA. 
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