Purple Heart

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Purple Heart Lumber 


Beautiful Purple Heart lumber that ranges from a dark deep purple to a medium brown in color.  Purple heart is an exotic lumber from Latin America.  It grows to about 120 ft high and 36" in diameter.  Purple Heart is a rather heavy lumber but works and cuts pretty decent.  Choose Purple heart for handles, furniture accents, scroll sawing, jewelry boxes, cutting boards and other projects where you want a special custom look.

Purple Heart Lumber Specifications:

  • All boards are about 24" long.
  • Width will vary up to 1/4" depending on the boards we get in.  If you order 6", we'll try our best to give you a full 6", but there are times that we can't get anything that wide.
  • Kiln Dried.
  • Planed on both sides.
  • Will require sanding as desired with your project.
  • Grains are mostly straight but can have some texture.