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Radial Bristle 2" Disc 80 Grit

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Radial Bristle 2" Disc 80 Grit (Yellow) offer carvers more versatility than sandpaper and other attachments. Crafted with flexible bristles which are embedded with Cubitron and aluminum oxide grain, Radial Discs allow you to get into small areas or around detailed shapes while still delivering a smooth finish.

These Bristle Discs can be used on both hard and soft wood surfaces, eliminating the need to switch between attachments. Furthermore, Radial Discs have an advantage over flap wheels or other abrasives: they generate minimal dust and heat when in use, making them well-suited for large-scale projects taking place in enclosed areas.

Radial Bristle 2" Discs 80 Grit (Yellow) combines the speed of buffing and sanding with the accuracy of brushing for a comprehensive approach to finishing that no carver should be without.

Uses Mandrel a Flat Head Mandrel with a 1/4" Shank, or a screw type Mandrel for 3/8 arbor holes.

Radial Bristle Discs are revolutionary tools for use in many businesses, from woodcarvers to dentists and jewelers. 

With the 80 grit (yellow) Bristle Disc comes incredible power for hard and soft woods for woodcarvers, polishing of dental acrylics and other materials for dentists, as well as cleaning, finishing, blending, and texturing metals for jewelers. Any business wanting superior performance needs to pick up its own set of Radial Bristle Disc.

Radial Bristle 2" Disc 80 Grit (Yellow) Specifications:

  • 2" Bristle Disc.
  • 80 Grit.
  • 6 Discs Per Pack.

 Stack 2 or 3 of them together for a wider sanding surface.


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