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Radial Bristle 3/4" Discs 10 Pc Kit

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Radial Bristle 3/4" Discs 10 Pc Kit are among the most popular tools for woodcarvers, thanks to the flexibility and thinness of their bristles. The Cubitron and aluminum oxide grains embedded throughout the Radial Discs make them more efficient than rubber wheels, regular brushes, buffs, or conventional sanders, while they also generate little to no dust or heat compared to these same tools.

Radial Discs can be used to sand areas with fine details, irregular curves, or flat surfaces on hard or soft wood; even more challenging is that they can be used with coarser grits in order to carve or texture wood pieces. With Radial Discs on hand, woodcarvers will find those tight areas don't have to be off limits the Radial Bristle 3/4" Discs 10 Pc Kit is a great solution for getting into them without compromising those delicate details!

Bristle Discs are an incredibly versatile tool that is perfect for use in a variety of projects. Whether you're a home hobbyist working on wood carvings, a dentist refining dental acrylic, flexible, and ceramics, or a jeweler polishing metal and texturing jewelry, the Radial Bristle 3/4" Discs 10 Pc Kit can help you to take any project up a notch.

Not only do they offer maximum flexibility when it comes to handling hard vs softwoods but they also provide superb results! The kit contains everything you need to make your work easier and complete any job quickly and effectively with great results. If you're looking for the right discs for just about any task imaginable then look no further!

Radial Bristle 3/4" Discs 10 Pc Kit Specifications:

  • 3/4" Bristle Discs.
  • 3-Discs of Each:

    • 80 Grit.
    • 400 Grit.
    • 3000 Grit (6 Micron).
    • 1 - Mandrel.

 Stack 2 or 3 of them together for a wider sanding surface.


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