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Ram 3/32 - 1/16 Adapter Sleeve

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0.01 LBS
  • A small metal Ram 3/32 - 1/16 Adapter Sleeve
  • Shows how to use the adapter with your Ram handpiece.
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Reducing a sleeve from 3/32"  to 1/16"  is an easy way to give your project more versatility. By starting with the larger size, you can easily reduce it as needed to fit any number of design specifications.

In addition, being able to reduce down in size saves time and money since you won't always have to purchase or fabricate the exact size from the start. All you need is a bit of elbow grease and the proper tools and parts to make this type of reduction a breeze.

Utilizing this quick and easy method for reducing sleeve sizes ensures that you'll always be ready for any project.

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