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Ram 45 Micro Motor

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45 SET C
7.60 LBS
  • The Ram 45 micro motor consisting of the control box, handpiece, wrenches, brushes, collet adapter and electrical cord.
  • A ram power 45 micro motor machine with the included accessories.
  • The Ram micro motor rotary tool kit.
  • The handpiece for the ram products micro motor with all the accessories.
  • The right side of the Ram Micro Motor handpiece on the cradle with the tools, extra set of brushes and 1/8 to 3/32" collet adapter in front of it.
  • Looking down on the 45,000 rpm handpiece.
  • A hand piece with wrenches sitting in front of it along with an adapter and brushes.
  • The Ram 45 micro motor hand piece from the left side showing the attached cord in the forefront.
  • All the pieces that make up and support the 45,000 rpm handpiece.
  • The Ram micro motor kit showing all the parts that are included.
  • Ram Micro Motor Control Unit Front side with controls.
  • Ram Micro Motor Control Unit Back side showing plug in for electrical, Foot Control and main power switch.
  • Ram Micro Motor Control Box showing the left side with air venting and part of the rear of the unit.
  • The Controller for the motor showing the right side with venting for heat dissipation and part of the rear of the unit.
  • The main control with the included electrical cord plugged into it.
  • All the items that are included with the Ram micro motor carver.
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Ram Power 45 Micro Motor Machine

Time to upgrade your micromotor? Get the Ram Power 45 it is a high torque, high power micro motor with variable speed that goes from 0-45000 rpm for all your carving needs.  You'll really be impressed with the Ram Micro motor. 

Ram Micro Motor 45 Control Box Specifications:

  • Variable Speed from 0-45,000 rpm.
  • 110 Volt (230V available by special order).
  • Voltage converter that converts to 32 Volt DC.
  • Forward/Reverse.
  • Operate by hand or foot.
  • High torque.
  • Variable Speed Foot Control and On/Off  foot pedal (Sold Separately).
  • Adapter sleeves from 3/32 - 1/16  (Sold Separately).

Ram Power 45 Micro Motor 45000 Hand Piece Specifications:

  • Quick Chuck release with just a twist.
  • Comes with 1/8" collet, plus chuck.
  • Adapter sleeve 1/8" -  3/32" included.
  • Lightweight.
  • Hand-piece cradle.
  • Collet wrench.Spare Motor Brushes.
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