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Razaire 530 Standard Dust Collector Filter

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The Razaire 530 Standard Dust Collector Filter is a green filter that is 30% efficient. This means that it is able to trap 30% of the dust particles that pass through it. The Razaire filter works best for general wood dust applications, as the first filter in front. When you are stacking filters, the green standard filter will always be used at the filter in front. This is because it is able to capture a higher percentage of dust particles than other types of filters. as a result, the Razaire 530 Standard Dust Collector Filter is an essential tool for anyone who wants to keep their workplace clean and safe.

The filters were designed to provide outstanding filtration to create a healthier environment. It is the easiest to clean and the longest lasting. Excellent in pairs! Better performance and longer life can be achieved by stacking two filters with a required filter frame. By doing so, you will have created an extremely efficient and effective way to filter your air, providing you with clean air for years to come. These filters are an excellent investment for any home or workshop, and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a way to improve their air quality. Thanks for choosing the best!

Razaire 530 Standard Dust Collector Filter Specifications

  • approximately 9.75" x 10.5" x 2"

The Razaire™ Z530 Dust Collector is a top-of-the-line tool that helps keep your work area clean and free of dust. It features four different filters - standard, charcoal, medium, and high efficiency - that can be used individually or in pairs for maximum effectiveness. Stacking the filters creates an extra stage of filtration, which not only improves the performance of the dust collector but also prolongs the life of the filter. There is little to no drop in suction when using two filters, making it an ideal setup for anyone looking to get the most out of their dust collector. Whether you're a professional woodworker or a hobbyist, the Razaire™ Z530 is sure to help you breathe easier while you work.

 Create a healthier environment by removing airborne particles with the  Razaire 530 Standard Dust Collector Filter. 

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