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Razertip P88 Wood Burning Unit

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2.00 LBS
  • The Razertip P88 woodburner with instructions, flex cord and accessories that are included.
  • The Razertip P88 woodburning unit with the electrical cord and the heating cord.
  • The Razertip wood burning Kit with a P88, cord and accessories.
  • The top and front of the Razertip P88 showing the screen on top, handpiece holders on the sides and plug in for the burning cord.
  • A look at the P88 burner with the controls on and the screen lit up.
  • The back of the Razertip P88 wood burner including the main power switch, air vents and plug for electrical cord.
  • The left side of the Razertip P88 woodburner.
  • The right side of the P88 woodburning unit.  The side cover pops off to attach an extension unit.
  • A Razertip P88 wood burner with a P88 expansion module attached.
  • The Razertip P88 woodburning kit.
  • The box that the Razertip P88 comes in.
  • The Razertip P88 pyrography unit with all the accessories.
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The Razertip P88 wood burning unit is one of the most advanced in technology for wood burning today.  It features a touch screen control to regulate the power to your exacting needs.  This base unit can be expanded by adding additional expansion modules to have a double or triple function unit.

Have your favorite pens at the temperature you want and need within reach and ready to burn.

The P88 accepts all standard, HD and BPH interchangeable-tip Razertip pens. The P88 can be used anywhere in the world simply by attaching a suitable power supply cord or plug adapter. If your input voltage changes - even if it's a big change due to a brown-out or spike - your tip temperature will remain constant.

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