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Razertip P88x Expansion Module Wood Burner

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1.20 LBS
  • The Razertip P88x Expansion module showing the front and top of the unit.
  • The Razertip P88 wood burner with a Razertip P88x Expansion Module attached to it.
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Have you ever wished you had a second or third helping hand while you were working on a wood burning project? Well, now there's a solution that can make your life much easier - the P88x R-Touch expansion module!

This innovative module allows you to expand any Razertip R-Touch base unit into a double or triple burner, giving you unprecedented convenience and control.

With the ability to program and store up to 8 presets on the expansion module, each with its own unique description and heat settings, you'll be able to work more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

So why wait? Get the P88x R-Touch expansion module today and make your work life easier!

The P88x is a versatile and powerful expansion module for wood burning that comes with some handy features. One of these is the built-in automatic memory function, which allows you to recall the three most recently-input heat settings. This is a great time-saver, particularly if you frequently switch between pens.

Each module maintains its own memory and heat settings, so you can easily and quickly switch between them without having to fiddle with the settings each time. The expansion modules use an "either-or" protocol; only one pen can be powered at a time. However, this shouldn't be an issue as the P88x base unit can power up to two expansion modules simultaneously. The P88x is a great expansion module for those who want versatility and convenience.

The Razertip P88x comes with the following:

When you open up the box you can expect to find more than just the expansion unit.

  1. You'll get the expansion unit base.
  2. 2 Extra Handpiece clips.
  3. A Razertip soft cleaning cloth for your screen.
  4. A Razertip "P" cord that is extra flexible to power your woodburning pens.
  5. A set of clear instructions.

The Razertip P88x Expansion Module Features

The Razertip expansion module is a great way to increase the capabilities of your Razertip P88 base unit. With an input of 12VDC and 4.0A, it provides enough power to run some of the largest wood-burning tips. The output is 6VDC, 8.0A maximum, so you can be sure that your pens will have plenty of power to produce beautiful results.

Whether you're looking to add more pens to your existing setup or expand the capabilities of your Razertip system, the expansion module is a great choice.

The settings are the same as the base module. To set the expansion module up, take the cover off the side of the base unit and attach the p88x to the unit. There is no electrical because it draws its power from the base unit.

The operating temperature range is about 180°F to 1400°F.

This expansion module has an Electrical safety certification of ETL c-us for North America.

This unit is made with pride in Canada.

What you'll need to make this wood burner work

This is an expansion piece, so you'll need an R-Touch base unit to power the unit. You'll also need some wood burning pens or a Razertip Interchangeable tip pen and tips. You may use other brands of wood burning pens but will need the appropriate adapter.

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