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Razor Dozuki Saw

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Razor Dozuki Saw

Accurately cut a variety of joints with this modern Japanese pull stroke dozuki style saw.  If you have ever had problems cutting with a traditional saw and staying on a line, those probelms will be over when you try the Razor Dozuki Saw.  Instead of cutting on the push stroke like a traditional western style saw, Japanese saws cut on the pull stroke, giving you more control

The Razor Dozuki Saw is super sharp, comes with a stiff back 180mm blade for more control and is .3mm thick.  The thin blade will give you a fine kerf cut.  The blade has 17 teeth per inch.  The overall length of the saw is about 18 inches.  The grip is contoured for ease of use.

The Razor Dozuki Saw is made in Japan by the Gyokucho company.

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