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Razor Ryoba Saw

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  • This photo shows the  Razor Ryoba Saw with a black plastic handle and the rectangle blade.
  • This is the black plastic  handle on this Razor Ryoba Saw.
  • A view of the teeth, and the company logo on the saw blade  on the  Razor Ryoba Saw.
  • You can see how the Razor Ryoba Saw slices through the piece of wood.
  • A view of the Razor Ryoba Saw cutting through wood against the grain.


Razor Ryoba Saw

The Razor Ryoba Saw is actually 2 saws in 1! The cross cut side of the razor ryoba saw has 19 teeth per inch which is for more fine work and the rip side has 9 teeth per inch and is more aggressive. A unique feature of the razor ryoba saw is the handle can be tilted in relation to the blade. This allows you to access areas that are hard to reach or otherwise awkward. The teeth on the razor saw are impulse hardened to ensure extended wear. The handle is wrapped with ratton for a secure grip while sawing. 

Razor Ryoba Saw Specifications 

  • Blade Length is 7" long x 2 7/8" wide.
  • Overall Length is 15 1/2".
  • Crosscut Teeth 16.9"
  • Rip Teeth   6.9"- 9.4".
  • Blade Thickness is 0.5mm.
  • This razor saw easily fits into a tool box or work bag. 
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