Right Handed Carvin' Jack

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Flexcut Right Handed Carvin' Jack

The Flexcut Carvin' Jack is a multitude of carving tools in one little knife.  If you thought a swiss army knife was cool, the Flexcut Right Handed Carvin' Jack will blow you away.  Flexcut designed this tool as the first multi-tool specifically for woodcarving.  

The Flexcut Right Handed Carvin' Jack includes:

  • Detail knife.
  • Straight Gouge.
  • Chisel.
  • V-Scorp.
  • Hook Knife.
  • Leather case.
  • Custom strop.
  • Gold Stropping Compound.

If you are right handed, you should choose the Flexcut Right Handed Carvin' Jack tool to make cuts towards you.  If you prefer the tool to cut away from you, choose the Left Handed Carvin' Jack to cut away from yourself.

The Flexcut Right Handed Carvin' Jack is made in the USA.


Flexcut warrants products manufactured by Flexcut Tool Company, Inc. to be free of defects in material and workmanship for the life of the owner. Flexcut will replace the tool/knife with a new Flexcut carving tool/knife at their expense and pay the return shipping/postage. If you feel any Flexcut tool has failed due to a manufacturing defect, mail the tool along with a written explanation of the problem to the address below. Please include your Full Name, Mailing Address, Shipping Address, Email Address (if available) and a Daytime Telephone Number along with your tool/knife. Flexcut Tool Company, Inc. Attn: Tool Return 8105 Hawthorne Drive Erie, PA 16509 United States Flexcut Tool Company, Inc. does not warrant its product against normal wear and misuse. Flexcut Carving Tools are not intended to be used as pry bars or screwdrivers. Flexcut Tool Company, Inc. will not repair or replace any products damaged due to misuse.