Rocking Tractor Parts Kit

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Rocking Tractor Hardware Kit

Most kids have a rocking horse but how many have a rocking tractor? Your little farmer can be the first!  This great rocker will keep them amused for hours. They'll really rack up the rocking time as their imagination soars while they plow the fields or bale some hay! Make the Rocking Tractor your next project. The Rocking Tractor Hardware Kit will simplify making the Rocking Tractor Toy. Start with a copy of the plan that is sold separately, select the wood of your choice.  We recommend using Pine, Maple or Oak. Use the Rocking Tractor Hardware Kit to help you finish the project. 

The Rocking Tractor Hardware Kit includes:

Drywall Screws.
Axle Pegs,
Multi Use Pegs.
Mushroom Plugs.
Birch Muchroom Plugs.
Cribbage Pegs.
Flat Head Plugs.
Birch Dowel.
Hardwood Dowels. 

A Rocking Tractor Toy Plan is sold seperately. You will need to provide your own lumber.