Router & Sanding Pad

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Router & Sanding Pad

Work without the limitations of clamps or vises. This router & sanding pad is good for use with sanders, routers, planers, or chisels when woodworking. This router and sanding pad is 24" x 48" and is non-slip. Covers a large surface for big jobs. 

Instructions For Use:

  • Bench or table surface must be clean, dry and free of dust or dirt.
  • Lay bench pad flat on the working area.
  • Position work piece in center of bench pad. 
  • Maintain downward pressure on bench pad and start working. 
  • To clean the bench pad, rinse with mild soap and water and lay flat to dry.

WARNING: Always maintain constant downward pressure on your tool and bench pad when working. Do not allow the tool or bit to come into contact with the bench pad. Always wear proper safety protection.