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Satin Finishing Wax

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General Finishes Satin Finishing Wax

Use our Sating Finishing Wax as a polish for rubbing out a new finish or use it as a scratch remover for older worn surfaces.  General Finishes has made this wax to work well over oil and water base finishes to include Danish Oil.  We recommend a wet sanding process followed by buffing to a soft silky sheen.

General Finishes Satin Finishing Wax features:

  • Satin Finish (get that rich glow)
  • Dry Time 5-10 minutes.
  • Re-coat 48-72 hours.
  • 16 oz bottle.
  • Recommended for interior use.
  • Coverage is dependent on the surface type and dryness.

General Finishes Satin Finishing Wax Instructions:

Satin wax can be used as a final finish or simply as a maintenance product for existing wax finishes. Apply with a soft cloth, wait approximately 5 minutes for the solvents to evaporate, than buff with a soft cloth or 0000 steel wool. Buffing lightly will produce a satin sheen; while more buffing can produce a higher sheen or even a gloss. If you try and buff the wax too soon, before the solvent has fully evaporated, you will effectively be stripping the wax from the surface. This is the reason a poorly waxed surface appears to have shiny and dull areas. The waiting time depends on temperature and humidity. Generally wait until it looks dry or hazed over.You can tint with any of the General Finishes oil based gels or stains to create a dark wax. We have had a good response to this wax in terms of ease of use, but everyone has their own technique and their own favorites!

Safety Data Sheet: Satin Finishing Wax


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