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Shot Glass Rack Parts Kit

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This Shot Glass Rack displays 30 shot glasses,  plus room at the top for those odd shaped ones! Easy to assemble with our pre cut kit, or to make from scratch with our full-size patterns.
17 inches W x 3 1/2 inches D x 26 inches H
Shot Glass Rack Plan is sold separately.
Shot Glass Parts Kit Includes

  • (2)Finial Acorn 
  • (2)6 Colonial Spindle 
  • (8)3 1/2 Spindle
  • (24)3/8 Flat Head Plug 
  • 90-167.1(24)1 1/4 #6 Phillips Drywall Screws 
  • (2)Brass Hangers
  • (4)Flat Phillips Screws 5/8"
  • (1)2 3/4 Clock Insert Fancy White Arabic
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