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Snail Toy DIY Woodworking Kit

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2.00 LBS


If you're looking for a Snail Toy that offers hours of fun, Silo is the perfect choice!

This DIY woodworking kit is easy to assemble, and once complete, kids can enjoy watching Silo roll his shell around. Thanks to his special design, he leaves no slime behind, making him the perfect indoor pet!

Whether your child is interested in animals or simply loves playing with toys, Silo is sure to provide them with hours of enjoyment. Order your Snail Toy today!


What's Included in the Silo the Snail Toy DIY Woodworking Kit?

  • You get the full size snail woodworking plan.
  • The wheels for the snail.
  • The dowels to help put the snail together.
  • All the wood parts cut and ready to assemble. Our wood parts are made from poplar or similar hardwoods.
  • A pull toy rope with the wooden ball.
  • The nose, eyes and antenna's.

What you'll need to finish the Snail Toy DIY Kit:

While everything is cut, you'll need to do the final sanding.  120 grit sandpaper works very well and ifyou're sanding by hand, you can use some 180 grit and 220 grit.  We suggest using 220 grit on the end grains of the wood.  It makes your finish more even when applying to the entire piece.  You'll need some wood glue or even white elmer's glue will work great to glue the pieces together.  a hammer may come in nicely to tap the dowels into place.  FYI, the dowels will be glued into the wheels, not the body of the loader.  Once your assembly is complete, you'll need to do another round of touch up sanding and apply a finish of your choice.

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