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Standard Pendulum Chime Clock Movement 3/8"

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The 4 Quarter Chiming Clock Movement plays the traditional Westminster Chime every quarter hour and the full chime on the hour. It also strikes out the hours on the hour. It is available with a pendulum. The pendulum rod swings back and forth with the pendulum bob on the bottom.  Standard size pendulum bob is 2 3/4".

This clock movement features a threaded shaft length of 7/16" and will work on clock cases and dials that are up to 3/8" thick.

The 4 Quarter Chiming Clock Movement features:

  • A Quartz Movement.
  • Chime synchronization.
  • One of our most popular chime movements.
  • Step second hand motion with the optional second hand.
  • 16" pendulum included and 2 3/4" bob.
  • 7/16" shaft diameter 
  • 3" wide x 4 3/4" high x 1 1/4" deep

The Standard Pendulum Chime Clock Movement 3/8" includes:

  • The clock movement with 7/16" shaft length with the chimes attached to the top of the movement.
  • Hardware to attach the movement to your clock case.
  • A 16" long Pendulum rod.
  • A Standard 2 3/4" diameter Pendulum Bob.
  • A sheet of instructions.

What you will need for this Chiming Clock Movement:

  • You'll need a "C" battery.
  • A new clock case to mount it in or use it as a replacement motor for your old clock.
  • A set of clock hands, and a second hand if you wish.  
  • If you wish to use a pendulum bob that is different in size than the standard bob, a smaller or larger one is available separately.






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