Step By Step Guitar Making

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Step By Step Guitar Making

We have all admired beautiful handmade guitars in shops, or played by a favorite musician on stage. This book will show you how to make an acoustic guitar yourself without breaking the bank. With basic woodworking skills, a small workshop and only a few specialist tools, you should be able to create a guitar fit for the concert platform. Alex Willis guides you through the whole process of making a guitar. You will learn guitar anatomy, tools and equipment, health and safety, building methods, wood selection, adhesives, and fitting and accessories. Inside you will find full-size plans of the while instrument as well as details of individual parts. You will learn how to tune the soundboard, to place the frets accurately, and to adjust the action for comfortable playing. 

Guitar Making Step By Step:

  • The template and solera.
  • The neck and endblock.
  • The soundboard.
  • Ribs and linings.
  • The back.
  • Assembly.
  • Purfling and binding. 
  • The fretboard.
  • Shaping the neck.
  • The bridge.
  • Finishing.
  • Final stages.

Step By Step Guitar Making Specifications:

  • 144 Pages.
  • Paperback.
  • Author: Alex Willis.
  • 8.25" x 11".


This book is non-returnable due to the nature of books and damages that may occur.