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Stubai Flat Pointed Riffler Rasp

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Stubai Flat Pointed Riffler Rasp

The Stubai Flat Pointed Riffler Rasp is made up of individual teeth that cut and smooth wood.   They come in different shapes and sizes to suit your carving needs. The Riffler Rasp are curved and angled to work in hard to reach or tight areas. You can use them to clean out an undercut area or for finishing fine details. Some carvers find this is a must have tool for the finishing touches on their carvings.

This Stubai Flat Pointed Riffler Rasp is ideal for shaping and smoothing.

Stubai Flat Pointed Riffler Rasp Specifications:

  • Almost medium grit.
  • Teeth on all sides.
  • Double ended.
  • Gripping area between cutting edges.
  • Steel toothed.
  • Follows shapes and contours of carving projects.
  • Used on wood.
  • Total tool length is about 8" long.
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