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The Art Of Airbrushing

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pp 192.  Airbrushing is a simple technique using compressed air which, when passed through the airbrush itself where it is mixed with either paint or ink, delivers a smooth and even coat to virtually any surface. Self-taught airbrush artist Giorgio Uccellini guides beginners and intermediate artists through the entire process with clear step-by-step photographs and text; from setting up a studio/workspace, planning and drawing, equipment and techniques, surfaces and presentation, and more. It also includes 20 inspiring projects, varying from portraits to fantasy themes.About the Author Giorgio Uccellini is a self-taught airbrush artist who has been airbrushing for over 20 years. He has applied his artwork to every conceivable surface including metal, clothing, and even the human body! Uccellini sells his work all over the world; he attends many related international exhibitions and fairs and also offers private lessons. Originally from Italy, he now lives and works in Sheffield, UK.

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