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Tupelo 5 x 10 x 18

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13.05 LBS


Tupelo 5 x 10 x 18

 The Tupelo 5 x 10 x 18 will challenge your carving skills while creating character and personality. This Tupelo is a superb material with many different uses. It is pleasing to the eye and easliy shaped. 

The unique advantage about tupelo is that it does not "fuzz".  While we all look for tupelo carving blanks, and commonly refer to the wood as just Tupelo.  Tupelo is actually from the Tupelo gum tree and can be found in the swamps of the southern and eastern United States. 

Our Tupelo wood carving blocks are cut from the bell of the tree and then dried to create some of the finest, lightest Tupelo available.

This is a Nominal thickness.  We will try to get the thickness of the Tupelo as close to the listed thickness as possible but please allow +/- 1/4".

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