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Veritas Cornering Tool Kit

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0.38 LBS
  • The Veritas Cornering Tool Kit showing the tools and sharpening kit.
  • Featuring the Veritas cornering tool shaving wood.
  • This image is showing the Veritas Cornering Tool Kit and how to use the tool.


Veritas Cornering Tool Kit

Make your round over edges like a pro with ease with this cornering tool kit.  Comes with both cornering tools and a sharpening kit. The Veritas Cornering  tool cuts a 1/16" and a 1/8" radius and the other cuts a 3/16" and a 1/4" radius. They are ground with two fixed fences that stop the tool from cutting past the fixed radius.

Use for 1/16", 1/8", 3/16", and 1/4" radiuses even on the smallest of boards.

  • Ground with two fixed fences to stop tool from cutting past the fixed radius.
  • Cuts on either push or pull stroke.
  • Made from RC48-52 hardened tool steel.
  • Ground and ready for final honing.
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